Used to eradicate malnutrition and Anemia

Malnutrition in India is not related to only lack of diet but also due to improper balance in dietary intakes. Malnutrition is most common in the children presenting commonly as protein energy malnutrition (PEM) and in adults as Anemia. PEM is the most common debilitating in the younger children presenting as underweight, stunting and wasting. Anemia is major health problem globally, approximately affecting 2 billion populations according to W.H.O. Most common being iron deficiency Anemia, which can be prevented by proper diet and supplement. Morbidity produced by both the conditions is staggeringly high. In children, it affects the developmental skill such as cognitive and motor development, whereas in adults it’s more of physical productive loss. Mortality is seen in both the populations, higher being in children due to susceptibility to infections and in pregnancy. Spirulina has been employed in the past with non-equivocal positive results in various trials to eradicate malnutrition and correct Anemia.


Used to eradicate malnutrition and Anaemia

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