Regular Menstrual Cycle

In an unhealthy lifestyle of Mumbai, I started feeling low and my menses were irregular. I started Cyanoshakti on advice of my sister (Sunanda). To my astonishment; my menses became regular and my vitality was high.

Fitness and weight gain

I found positive changes in my physique; body-weight within months of consuming ‘Cyanoshakti’. I was underweight even after consumption of reputed brand supplements while gyming for ≥ year. Presently,I can donate my blood since my hemoglobin level has risen up

Helped in gaining weight

Even after being mother of two kids, I was very lean. I tried Cyanoshakti on friend’s advice. Within 3 months I gained weight improved, I found my stamina had improved too.

Wound healing

My 75+ year mother was admitted in hospital for wound near her stomach. Due to diabetes and multiple complications, it did not heal even after 21 days of hospitalization. I thought of Spirulina known to immunomodulate. I wanted a reliable

Improve Digestion

I discovered ‘light stomach’ since I began CyanoShakti. It improved absorption/digestion. It is known to have anti-cancerous properties so, I recommend it to my family as a preventive medication. I liked ‘CyanoPower’ so much that I don’t miss my daily

Hemoglobin level is improved

I am very happy to tell you that there is a tremendous growth in my hameoglobin after starting Spirulina tablets (CyanoShakti). Before starting CyanoShakti tablets I was diagnosed with deficiency of Vitamin B12 and my haemoglobin was 7g/dL. This led

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