Cramps free and high energy life

I am 26 year old. I started taking Spirulina for gaining weight. I experienced high energy levels. I no more, feel tired even after 15 hours of work. I had tried other brands earlier, but I like ‘CyanoAmrut’ more. It

Stimulates appetite and immunity in HIV+ children

Under ‘Palawi’ project of Prabha-Hira Foundation, Pandharpur, taking care of 110 HIV+ children. We provided the weak children with nutritious (immuno-modulator) food; ‘Spirulina’. Following results were found in 45 days. Their appetite increased Their weight increased Their frequency of falling

Body Building

I am a body builder. I wanted natural supplements, so I tried CyanoAmrut. I found it really good. I am consuming it for more than year now.

Arthritis and knee pain relief

I am 62 having Arthritis. I couldn’t sleep without oil massaging myself every day. I experienced severe pain for a while in one of my calves for years together, on stretching my body while waking up or going for sleep.

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