Nutritionist and Fitness trainers


For Body building extra protein and other nutrition is required. Synthetic protein used for body building generates load on renal system, resulting in kidney problems later in life. Spirulina has highest percentage of protein among all available natural food items.

  • Due to the higher percentage of proteins and nutrients, much lesser quantity is required to be consumed compared to any other nutritional supplement. Thus reducing burden on the digestive system. Consequently does not lead to heavy feeling.
  • Its absorption is faster and better than other conventional nutritional food items. This reduces load on kidney.
  • Spirulina is also known for improving immunity, digestion and reducing kidney toxicity.


Fitness conscious individuals like actors, models, etc follow strict diet regimen and eat less to maintain their figure. They have to work-out longer to burn the extra calories, if diet is not followed meticulously. They are bound to get less nutrition which leads to lowering immunity. This make them look pale naturally. Restrictive life style obviously becomes bland. A viable alternative is consumption of Spirulina that reduces excessive food craving. It also restores the nutritional requirement apart from evoking pink blush naturally on cheeks due to high presence of carotenoid pigments. It is also known as best anti-aging food on the earth as it contains all three biomolecules viz; chlorophyll, phycocyanins and anti-aging protein components like SOD naturally.


Nutritionist and Fitness trainers
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