Hemoglobin level is improved

I am very happy to tell you that there is a tremendous growth in my hameoglobin after starting Spirulina tablets (CyanoShakti). Before starting CyanoShakti tablets I was diagnosed with deficiency of Vitamin B12 and my haemoglobin was 7g/dL. This led to me feeling weak and unenergetic. However, after completing 3 months course of CyanoShakti consumption I am much better. I like to continue the Spirulina tablets which improved my hemoglobin.

National Centre for Cell Sciences (N.C.C.S.), Pune

Arthritis and knee pain relief

I am 62 having Arthritis. I couldn’t sleep without oil massaging myself every day. I experienced severe pain for a while in one of my calves for years together, on stretching my body while waking up or going for sleep. I started CyanoAmrut half dose (1gm) daily only, out of extra cautiousness. Within four weeks, The pain in my calves after stretching has vanished. I’m not required to apply oil while sleeping now.

Alaknanda Kulkarni
Goregaon, Mumbai

Improve Digestion

I discovered ‘light stomach’ since I began CyanoShakti. It improved absorption/digestion. It is known to have anti-cancerous properties so, I recommend it to my family as a preventive medication. I liked ‘CyanoPower’ so much that I don’t miss my daily dose.

Dr. Himanshu Joshi
CyanoShakti & CyanoPower

Body Building

I am a body builder. I wanted natural supplements, so I tried CyanoAmrut. I found it really good. I am consuming it for more than year now.

Devraj Roy

Wound healing

My 75+ year mother was admitted in hospital for wound near her stomach. Due to diabetes and multiple complications, it did not heal even after 21 days of hospitalization. I thought of Spirulina known to immunomodulate. I wanted a reliable brand, so I bought ‘CyanoShakti’ as it is manufactured under observation of Scientists. Within eight days of supplementation, her wounds dried and she got discharged. Thanks, ‘CyanoShakti’

Bhavana Mhatre

Stimulates appetite and immunity in HIV+ children

Under ‘Palawi’ project of Prabha-Hira Foundation, Pandharpur, taking care of 110 HIV+ children. We provided the weak children with nutritious (immuno-modulator) food; ‘Spirulina’. Following results were found in 45 days.

  1. Their appetite increased
  2. Their weight increased
  3. Their frequency of falling ill reduced substantially
  4. Their endurance increased
  5. Their immunity increased
Prabha-Hira Foundation (Palawi Project)

Helped in gaining weight

Even after being mother of two kids, I was very lean. I tried Cyanoshakti on friend’s advice. Within 3 months I gained weight improved, I found my stamina had improved too.

Dhanashree Yawalkar

Cramps free and high energy life

I am 26 year old. I started taking Spirulina for gaining weight. I experienced high energy levels. I no more, feel tired even after 15 hours of work. I had tried other brands earlier, but I like ‘CyanoAmrut’ more. It has less unpleasant smell. I take it directly by dissolving in water as it dissolves in water better than other brands. Also, its taste doesn’t lingering in mouth unlike other brands. I used to ask for tablets/capsules initially to avoid the taste. Now, I prefer powder form which is more natural.

I used to get cramps in my calves after certain distance of cycling. After having Spirulina, I can cycle longer distances without any such cramps. ‘CyanoAmrut’ has become my daily healthy habit now.

Ulhas Shah
Dombivli, Thane

Fitness and weight gain

I found positive changes in my physique; body-weight within months of consuming ‘Cyanoshakti’. I was underweight even after consumption of reputed brand supplements while gyming for ≥ year. Presently,I can donate my blood since my hemoglobin level has risen up to 16g/dL from 14.5g/dL

Kaustubh Oturkar

Regular Menstrual Cycle

In an unhealthy lifestyle of Mumbai, I started feeling low and my menses were irregular. I started Cyanoshakti on advice of my sister (Sunanda). To my astonishment; my menses became regular and my vitality was high.

Sunanda' s sister
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